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In this blog, we will explain why and how an AMS solution will improve, refine, and optimise an Infor M3 Cloud environment. In some areas, you will find that a well-structured AMS solution is a necessity and not a choice.

Migrating from an Infor M3 on-prem version to a Cloud solution provides you with a lot of advantages in operating the M3 environment as well as access to the latest application benefits and features on a continuous basis.


It will, however, require that you adapt to new ways of operating the new M3 environment. You will need to have an AMS strategy to be able to take advantage of all the potential benefits and to maximise, or optimise, the outcome.


A well-implemented AMS solution will provide you with a necessary and structured process around Operations, Support, and Change Management, all according to a Governance process covering your entire solution.

The entire M3 environment often consists of a lot of other applications and databases, apart from the M3 Cloud content. A vast majority of our customers have a mix of applications supporting their business processes.


It could, for example, be a CRM tool integrated with the M3 Sales functionality, a BI tool to present all kinds of data or a mobile application used on handheld devices by warehouse staff for picking and packing.

Infor release handling

When you move to Infor M3 Cloud, you will no longer require large upgrade projects every five-seven years. Instead, you will (have to) follow Infor’s continuous update processes.

These updates include feature enhancements, new functionality and tools, security updates, etc.

Traditional installation projects will, therefore, be replaced by continuing ‘mini-projects.’


Mitigate new challenges

There will be some new challenges for an organisation going to a cloud solution, functional as well as technical. Proactive and operational processes will be required for, i.e., M3 Cloud ‘code drops’.

You will need to redesign operational processes like:

  • Upgrades of integrated 3rd party solutions
  • Integrations with other 3rd party applications
  • Database coordination with other 3rd party databases
  • Security in many aspects

A redesign of the operational processes will be needed regardless of whether you are running the AMS solution in-house, outsourced, or as a combination.

To learn how your business can reduce its IT dependency risks, check out our latest guide on the  Application Management Services.

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