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What is excellent customer service and how can you achieve it?

A great customer service is where you not only meet your customer expectations but you exceed them. Learn how you can do that in our blog post.

8 e-commerce trends taking over the industry in 2021

2020 was an eventful year for e-commerce. What does 2021 look like? Here are 8 e-commerce trends you should know about and how to get on board.

Preparing for Brexit: How the movement of goods will change

Wondering how best to prepare for Brexit? Check out this guide of the 10 changes that will affect the movement of goods.

What is real-time inventory management and why is it vital?

Ever heard of real-time inventory management? In this blog, we explain what it is and the importance of inventory management software.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is worth the investment

When your key business data is centralised, it’s easier to find what you need and efficiency is boosted. That’s why Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is worth it.

How to drive online sales: 9 tips from B2B e-commerce experts

Wondering how to improve your online sales? Two industry experts share their tips and tricks on improving your B2B e-commerce performance. Read their insights.

What are the signs you need to outsource your ERP implementation?

ERP implementations are complex and time-consuming. It might be better to work with an ERP implementation partner. Here are 4 signs you should outsource.

How to prepare for Brexit: 14 key considerations

If you’re wondering how to prepare your business for Brexit, here are 14 ways financial regulations will change. Read about tariff changes, VAT and more.

Recall management 101: How data helps minimise the damage of a food product recall

Recalls are never good news for the food and drink industry. However, an efficient recall management process can help mitigate the damage. Learn how data helps.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CE is the best CRM for manufacturing businesses

Manufacturers can no longer neglect the value a CRM system can offer. Here are five reasons why Dynamics 365 is the best manufacturing CRM.

5 strategies for B2B e-commerce success for manufacturers

Your e-commerce strategy might not be a top priority for your manufacturing business but it should be. Read 5 B2B e-commerce strategies you should adopt.

How can Microsoft’s Always On service benefit your business?

An always on service helps your business stay connected, whether it’s your internal teams to each other or employees to customers. Here are 4 benefits.

How to improve supply chain management: A 10-min guide for food distributors

Wondering how to improve supply chain management? It starts with improving visibility. Here are 7 ways you can improve food supply chain efficiency.

4 benefits of using CRM for the property management sector

The benefits of using a CRM for the property management sector include unifying data and making it easier to tailor experiences for multiple types of customers.

What makes a successful e-commerce site?

Your e-commerce website design matters. Your customers want to find what they need easily and quickly. Here’s more on what makes a successful e-commerce site.

Be inspired by the best: 5 amazing e-commerce website examples

B2B e-commerce isn’t easy but these 5 e-commerce website examples might help. Learn what they’re doing right and how you can follow suit in this blog post.

Quality not quantity: The importance of quality management in the food industry

How important is quality management in the food industry? Very. Discover why and how you can ensure high and consistent quality for your food business.

Agile vs waterfall: Which implementation approach is best?

Agile vs waterfall is a popular debate when it comes to CRM implementations. Here's our side by side comparison of agile vs waterfall to help you decide.

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