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The business value of the right B2B e-commerce software solution

When it comes to B2B e-commerce software solutions, investing in the right one is vital. Discover five key ways the right software can drive ROI for your business.

CRM and ERP integration: The path to achieving true customer value

Over the years, ERP solutions have evolved to cover more business elements. But to maximise its ROI, you should consider integrating with CRM. Here's why.

What’s the key to effective project cost management?

To ensure effective project cost management of margins, you need the right tools. Read how our solution can help you achieve more profitable projects.

Planning for a food ERP implementation? 5 questions to ask before you start

Before you can enjoy the several benefits of food software, there’s the matter of ERP implementation to contend with. Here’s how to ensure a successful project.

4 benefits from working with an Application Management Services partner

The biggest benefit of working with an AMS partner is they can help you maximise your application investments. Discover more benefits here.

How the business landscape has changed: Top key statistics for 2021

Wondering how business is changing following the COVID-19 pandemic? Discover the top key statistics you need to know about the changing business landscape.

The value of an ERP-CRM integration

An ERP-CRM integration creates a single source of data truth. And the value of that? From more sales opportunities to faster approvals, learn more here.

6 benefits of D365 Project Operations for your professional services company

For professional services companies, D365 Project Operations can be ideal for maximising billable hours, improving visibility, resource management and more.

How much does it cost to implement an ERP system? And 5 other FAQs answered

ERP projects take time and planning but are highly rewarding when done properly. In this blog, we answer your FAQs regarding ERP implementation.

The importance of communication channels in customer experience

Are you keeping up with the constantly evolving communication channels? Let’s find out how they contribute to your customers’ experience and so your business.

From on-premise to the cloud: Why migrate to Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop

Why should you migrate to Azure? In this blog, we discuss the benefits of cloud migrations, what happens during the process and how to reduce potential risks.

CMS vs DXP: What are the differences and which is better?

While a CMS helps businesses better management their website content, a DXP helps with digital experience management. Discover the key differences here.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations vs PSA: The differences

If you’re wondering what the differences between Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Project Service Automation (PSA) are, you’re not alone. Read more here.

The importance of KPIs to monitor professional service performance

Professional services firms are struggling to find measurable ways to track their business goals and targets. Read how KPIs can help deliver maximum value.

Natasha’s Law is coming: Is your food business ready?

Natasha’s Law comes into effect in October 2021 so the countdown is on. Investing in the right ERP system can help your business as you prepare to comply.

What Columbus brings to the application management table

Application management services partners can take much off your internal IT team’s plate. Learn why our AMS offering stands out from the rest.

Using AI in the professional services industry

AI can benefit the professional services industry in many ways. For starters, it can displace repetitive work and free up time for workers. Learn more here.

Overcoming the HR challenges of a remote workforce in 2021

From employee engagement to optimum resource utilisation and company culture, here are the top 5 challenges of working remotely and how to resolve them.

Food product development: The benefits of an industry-specific ERP

To ensure your food product development processes are managed correctly you need to invest in a food-specific ERP system. Read the benefits in this blog.

ERP vs CRM: What's the difference and do you need both?

The main difference is that an ERP system manages back-office tasks while a CRM handles the front. This is precisely why you need both systems. Learn more here.

4 best practices for a productive relationship with your software integration partner

Want to maximise the ROI of your software integration investment? Here’s how to create and maintain a productive relationship with your solutions partner.

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