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In February 2019, a journey began for Amanda Rogers that would reshape her career trajectory. Originating from the customer side, she transitioned into the consultancy world as a Business Consultant within Dynamics 365 F&SCM. What unfolded was not just a career change but a transformative experience that led to the discovery of the perfect job. Head of Columbus Academy. Or what I like to call her – Head of Curiosity. 🧐

A career journey at Columbus doesn’t always mean you get more senior in your role or advance into a manager position. It can also take you on a different path. Just like it did for Amanda.MicrosoftTeams-image (49)-1

So, what will this blog post give you? Well, I hope that it will inspire you to raise your hand and say: Hey, I’m interested in this area – is it possible for me to go in this direction? Or I want to learn this – can I do that? But also, to show the great value of staying curious.

The pandemic - an opportunity for growth

The transition wasn’t merely about becoming a consultant – it was a metamorphosis into a trainer with a mindset deeply rooted in advisory, guidance, and training. Amanda had a history of conducting training across different roles, and her love for training became a passion.

“ I think this is where it kickstarted”

There are many stories on how the Pandemic in 2020 changed people’s lives and careers. Even at Columbus projects went on hold. However, it offered Amanda a unique opportunity for self-discovery and learning within the Columbus Academy. She spent days immersed in both trainer-led and on-demand courses, sparking a newfound passion for the Academy's potential.

Academy dreams come true

Amanda eagerly expressed her desire to work with the Academy and contribute her ideas, which ultimately led to her dream job. As the driving force behind the Academy's strategic direction, Amanda and her new team aimed to go beyond simply onboarding new joiners. Their vision was to create tailored courses that catered to specific roles, ensuring a long-term perspective on learning and development. 📖

With a team of innovative minds, the Academy embarked on an exciting mission to breathe new life into the content, making the courses interactive and engaging. It wasn't just about individual growth; it was about leveraging these skills to uplift teams and businesses.

Creating value for colleagues, Columbus, and customers

Amanda tells me you can be both a graduate and an experienced consultant to attend the courses. Even people like me that work in an internal role. Change Management, presentation techniques, and personal leadership are examples of courses everybody can attend. Of course, the Academy also offers specific training within certain areas if you are a consultant.

You might have done similar courses previously, but this is the way we do it at Columbus. We have the courses because we want consistency in how we approach our customers. And internally, how we approach people.

Competence development and learning are crucial elements, echoing the sentiment that growth is essential for both individuals and Columbus. 🏆

A new course ahead!

Oh, not for Amanda. She is staying put. But a new course is coming up!

At the beginning of next year, the Academy is launching a new course – Trusted Digital Advisor. It’s all about value and becoming trusted advisors. Building trust is a multifaceted process encompassing effective advice, relationship building, and a consistent approach. 👩🏻‍🏫

The course is divided into three parts:

  1. How we earn the trust of the customer
  2. Give advice effectively.
  3. How to build relationships

"This is a trainer-led course that everyone will benefit from. The essence of this course is what makes us trusted digital advisors. We want our customers to understand that we understand them and we have taken the time to get to know them. And how do we build on that relationship with the customer? We are not here only to implement a new system – we are here to create value for our customers" says Amanda.

(How exciting does that sound?!🤩)

The big question - How does the Head of Curiosity stay curious?

Staying curious for Amanda, is not just a personal trait but a key value essential for personal and professional success. The importance of curiosity in fostering a sense of ownership and contributing to the overall success of the team and Columbus – and our customers.

Amanda says: “I feel that this is how we get that edge and get ahead of other partners and businesses. We allow curiosity to happen at Columbus. We allow people to take the time to learn and explore new areas. Being curious is key for me and my top value.”

Belonging to something bigger

🌯To wrap things up, we took a closer look at what Amanda thinks makes Columbus a great place to work. The emphasis on belonging to a journey, feeling respected, and being part of a dynamic and adaptable team resonates strongly with Amanda:

“Columbus offers you a platform to grow. I also feel that Columbus shares with you where they are going on their journey and it’s clear that they want you to join. You are not in the periphery; you are part of that journey. I can feel that I’m contributing to that and to our growth. I can feel that I’m part of a team, almost like one big family. And I think it’s important for people to feel that way – a sense of belonging.”

In essence, Amanda's transition from a customer-focused role to a passionate trainer within Columbus showcases the transformative power of learning, adaptability, and a culture that values continuous growth. 🚀


Are you interested in joining us? Curious to know more about us? Check out our career site to get to know us a bit more, and for all open positions across Columbus.

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