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Working in sales is not just about selling products or services; it's about understanding and engaging with both the company's goals and individuals' ambitions. Julia Rochelli, an experienced sales representative with a background in marketing and business development, shares her insight into how this balance creates long-lasting and successful relationships.

Discover Julia's top tips for building genuine connections, staying ahead of the curve with continuous learning, and prioritizing empathy for unbeatable sales strategies

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Understanding everyone's drivers

"For a successful project, I must take into account the people in the project as well, we are not machines, and that's what I find interesting. What I contribute to my customers is trying to see both," Julia explains when discussing the importance of understanding both the company and individuals in business relationships. Julia highlights that every company has its unique goals and motivations. "The company always has a mission statement; they know what they want. But what do the individuals in the project want?" she says, emphasizing the need to understand individuals' ambitions.


Photo: Julia Rochelli, Sales Representative Columbus M3

In her role as a sales representative, Julia has learned that each customer has different needs and goals. "There are different IT managers with different ambitions. Some will never start an ERP project, and some are driven by developing and driving the company forward," she notes.

For Julia, the real challenge is balancing the company's goals with individuals' needs and desires. "That's maybe the finesse in sales, to be able to find out how I can balance this? The whole customer, not just the representative, of the company," she reflects.

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Standing behind what you are selling

When it comes to her path into the sales industry, Julia highlights the importance of being able to stand behind what you sell. "I would never feel comfortable selling to a customer things that I don't believe can help the customer," she says.

Julia also emphasizes that authenticity and trust are the keys to long-term business relationships. "That's when you become the trusted advisor you want to become as a salesperson because it's about maybe this time it's not right. But next time it's right," she explains.

For Julia, sales is about more than just selling—it's about creating meaningful and sustainable business relationships. "That's what attracts me, to be able to help my customers, find their potential, and see the whole company and the individuals in these parts. And be part of that journey," she concludes.

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How to keep yourself updated

"Well, it's a bit of a mix. There are so many things, there's a lot of noise out there and an incredible amount of information available. So, what I usually do is block out time in my calendar specifically for curiosity and learning. During that time, I select various areas that I feel are beneficial for me to pass on to my customers."

In today's fast-paced market, staying informed is key to success. Julia's approach highlights the importance of dedicating time to learning and selecting relevant insights to enhance customer experiences. By continually updating her knowledge, she can effectively navigate the dynamic landscape of market trends and product offerings, ultimately building stronger relationships with her clients.

To summarize  

  1. Understand Clients: Dive deep into their goals and motivations. 
  2. Be Authentic: Stand by what you sell to build trust. 
  3. Keep Learning: Stay informed and choose insights wisely. 
  4. Prioritize Relationships: Build genuine connections for long-term success. 
  5. Embrace Empathy: Put yourself in your client's shoes for effective sales strategies.

Rapid questions

Book recommendation: Never Split the Difference - Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It.

The last person you connected with on Linkedin:  a colleague. For me, it's important to get to know my colleagues, and connecting on LinkedIn could be a good conversation starter. 

Message to yourself earlier in your career: "Don't take things too personally. Listen to the customer and their experiences without taking it negatively by understanding the customer's side".

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