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Life as an ERP trainee with iStone

You can now apply for our 6 month trainee program as business consultant, working primarily with...

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Easily extract data to external applications with MDBREAMI

MDBREADMI is a tool which was released in Infor M3 10.1. This is a guide to show how you can use it...

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Create smarter shortcuts for search queries in M3

How to use data from a selected record in a list-panel as input to the search query shortcut in M3.

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How we rescued a failing migration project with data profiling

A migration project where everything first went awry, then worked out, and finally became a...

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How to find net change documentation

Infor provides a lot of good product information for M3. This is how you find it.

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How to personalize M3 with shortcuts and hyperlinks

Step-by-step guide to adding bookmarks with shortcuts/hyperlinks for greater usability in Infor M3.

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Using the new list standard in M3

How to work more efficiently with list panels in Infor M3.

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