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So, you stumbled upon a blog post about AI? But let me tell you, it might not be relevant anymore by the time you finish reading it. The speed of AI's development is so exponential that new tools and updates are being launched every week.

But! We live in the present, and I just had a chat with Anders Leander – he is a management consultant in our Strategy & Change team. He has a passion for new technology, and with a degree in engineering physics and mathematics, and several years as a consultant within tech – he follows new trends in technology and has recently explored AI and how it can revolutionize businesses and employee’s daily life. Let’s find out what his insights are and his best tips to explore AI!

1631803808755Transforming the way we work

Anders has for several years seen the rise and fall of many technological waves. Ten years ago, it was cloud computing, last year Metaverse. Now, AI is a hot topic, and he believes that it has the potential to transform the way we work.

Anders joined Columbus at the beginning of 2023, he works with “prepare for change” projects, but he is also a driver for exploring AI. During the last months, he has spent hours testing AI tools, especially ChatGPT and Metaverse, and has now created an internal course: Introduction to Generative AI. The purpose of the course is to enable consultants to enhance efficiency and job satisfaction by integrating generative AI into their existing work tasks. 

The course consists of two stages: 
Part 1: Focuses on introduction to AI, ChatGPT, prompt engineering, and the impact it will have on society and work.  
Part 2: Workshop. The attendances share their reflections and identify together which work tasks they can do with support from AI. The last part of the workshop is to set an individual plan on how you will start to use AI in the next 30 days.

Yes, Anders has used AI to develop this course; pictures, videos, avatars, and sound – all by AI. The course has just been launched and workshops are ongoing as we speak (read).

How can AI be used in our daily life?

So, how can organizations use AI? Anders suggests that it can be used for interview guides, analyzing and summarizing data, and presenting key takeaways. You can even create storylines instead of boring process charts to make your work come to life! But we need to be mindful of how we use AI regarding information security and biometric and privacy issues. You need to be aware of what information you share.

Getting started with AI? Anders suggests that we don't just rely on a Center of Excellence but drive it as part of business development in each business line. He says: "We need to be inspired by our colleagues and give everyone a chance to keep up. Managers need to understand this so that it becomes part of the goals that are set. Both for the organization and employees."

Can we build trust with AI?

How can we build trust with AI? Before we start guiding our customers, we need to do our homework. How can we work with AI and how will it affect each consultant and the processes and tools they work with? We need to gather information from our organization, and when we know how to use it, we can begin to package services and present the value it will bring our customers.

Let's sum it up

In conclusion, AI is here to stay, and its impact on businesses will only grow stronger in the coming years. Let's embrace this change and explore its potential to revolutionize the way we work. As Anders suggests, let's test ourselves and see how we can use AI to become more productive and efficient. With this approach, we can unlock the true potential of AI and take our businesses to new heights.

Anders favorite tools and tips on how you can stay ahead:
-       Might be obvious but: ChatGPT
-       Midjourney 
-       Eleven Labs 
-       Elai

Check out "All about AI" on YouTube – great videos that are about 10-20 minutes and will allow you to explore the rabbit hole of AI.

And guess what? AI is also the co-writer of this blog post. Kudos Monica.ai!😊 I also asked Anders to create a picture of people discussing AI - you can see the result in the header picture. Can you spot the guy missing a finger?

Do you want to explore or discuss AI? Reach out to Anders, or the team in Data & Analytics - they have competence in AI and Machine Learning projects.

You can also read more about AI in this blog post.


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