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Hot off the press! Our Accelerators have graduated.🥳 After six months of intensive training, our Accelerators are now fully immersed in our customer projects. We caught up with some of them to reflect on their journey, from expectations before joining the program to their experiences working with clients.

Are you as curious as us about what Josefin, Sofonias, Kevin, Jarrad, Will, and Lina have to say? Let's scroll down to find out! 🔽

Exploring Expectations

With no prior knowledge of what it's like working as a consultant, each Accelerator had their own set of preconceptions about the consultant role. What preconceptions did they have? 🤔

Will: I came in with a very open mind so I didn't have too many preconceptions. However, one thing would perhaps have been that the work may feel a little transactional. This hasn't been the case at all and instead, it's been much more of a close professional working relationship.

Jarrad: I did have a few, I expected there to be an internally competitive culture and I am extremely pleasantly surprised by Columbus that there is a culture of support and collaboration, and no one is left behind.

Kevin: A lot of it was right, but in comparison to other firms, Columbus has a very open work culture and there’s a high level of trust involved. The organizational model is more horizontal. I had heard that consultancy jobs involve a variety of different projects, and that turned out to be true. I’m very happy about that!

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P1090776Photo: Graduation ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden

Program Highlights

Overall, our Accelerators highlight the program's emphasis on networking and collaboration, praising the connections made both locally and globally. They appreciate the diverse learning opportunities provided by customer interactions and value the supportive environment and inclusive culture fostered within the organization.

Josefin: All the fruitful education sessions and business trips we’ve been doing together. The program has been a comprehensive introduction to the consultant role and what it entails. Shadowing my mentor in client projects has been invaluable.

Sofonias: I think the best part of the program was getting the chance to meet and get to know colleagues from other offices. Different activities were organized at each meeting, followed by dinner. It was a great way to get to know our new colleagues and strengthen the sense of community.

Kevin: Looking back at the program, the best everyday moments involve connecting with the accelerators at a fast pace across the business lines. The significant part is connecting with the accelerators on a global scale. That’s the best part of the program, getting to know people across the market units. This is a rare opportunity where the Columbus Accelerator program stands out.

Customer Engagements

As they transitioned to working with clients, our Accelerators took on various tasks depending on the project phase. From shadowing colleagues to hands-on involvement, Lina expressed a desire for more practical tasks but contributed to activities like testing solutions. Jarrad focused on supporting Stream leads, ensuring requirements aligned with customer needs, while Will actively captured customer requirements during workshops and documented them for further analysis.

Josefin: I currently participate in meetings and preparing workshops, do planning work, and configure the system to support all the needs of the client.

Kevin: In Azure DevOps, I handle tasks related to sales and finance, including configuring business documents, meeting with customers, and integrating external delivery within D365's supply chain management.

Sofonias: While working with the client, I've been pleasantly surprised by the additional responsibilities entrusted to me. These include presenting features and documenting processes, offering a diverse and enriching learning experience beyond what I initially anticipated.

I want to explore a career at Columbus

Building Networks

Networking opportunities exceeded expectations for many Accelerators. Sofonias found himself connecting with colleagues from various areas within Columbus, facilitated by after-work events and active engagement on platforms like LinkedIn. Kevin valued the professional interactions within project teams, allowing him to understand each person’s expertise and occasionally seek assistance when needed. 

Jarrad: Amazing, my connections on LinkedIn have doubled and I can easily approach anyone within the organization for advice on issues ranging from system and customer advice as well as financial and personal discussions. Been great for me for networking. I have connections now with people in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, as well as all around the UK with a variety of expertise.

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Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, each Accelerator expresses excitement for different aspects of their roles. Everyone is eager to learn, collaborate with colleagues, and add value to customer projects. It's reminiscent of the arrival of spring that makes you feel that anything is possible and the world is at your feet. 

Lina: I'm particularly excited about participating in a customer project in the UK. Having the opportunity to work on a project across international borders is something I greatly value, and I anticipate it will be both stimulating and educational.

Will: I've been through an explore phase - in which I've been on-site learning about the company and their processes. I'm now looking forward to working on this in the system and gaining much more knowledge of its functionality and how I can create value for them. Additionally, I've been lucky enough to work with a variety of different streams which helps me see the bigger picture. Moving forward I'm looking forward to deep diving into one or two of the streams to specialise in a particular area. 

P1090654Photo: Accelerators prepare for the celebration

From graduates to ready-made consultants

The journey from training to full-time consultancy has been transformative for our Accelerators, challenging preconceptions, fostering strong networks, and providing invaluable hands-on experience. As they continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of consultancy, their diverse perspectives and aspirations will undoubtedly contribute to their success in delivering innovative solutions to clients worldwide. We're proud to see them thrive and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and impact in the consultancy sphere! 🤩


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