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In August 2023 – a great number of young professionals started their career journey at Columbus when they joined our Accelerator Program. Some participants are new graduates and some have previous work experience within IT and want to take a new direction in their careers. In this new blog series – we will follow some of our participants – Lina, Kevin, Sofonias, Josefin, and their experiences during the six-month-long program.

Part one is here, and our Accelerators have been navigating the program for two months. Time to see if they're feeling the heat! What have their experiences been so far? And why did they choose Columbus?

Let’s find out! So, get into something comfy, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the read!

The first two months

The first two months of the program are focused on getting to know Columbus as a business; our offerings, ways of working, our culture, etc. Our Accelerators also learn about the applications, project methodology, and what it takes to be a consultant. From day one – all Accelerators get an experienced Mentor – who guides them and shows them the daily work as a consultant. 😎Lina Strand 3

Lina: The first two months have been incredibly educational, and filled with new experiences. It's been very exciting to acquaint myself with Columbus and new colleagues.

Kevin: The first two months have been great. I feel like I have really assimilated into the Columbus culture. We have gotten buddies who have helped us with the onboarding, managers who have assisted us in understanding the Columbus culture, and mentors who have been guiding us in the internal aspects of the system. Therefore, the onboarding process went smoothly, and we have received a good introduction to the company. 

Josefin: I’ve experienced the first two months as very fun and intense. I have attended education and been introduced to Dynamics 365 and managed to take my first certificate. Recently, I also joined my first project where I get to practice everything I’ve learned so far and have been able to gain knowledge working with the customer. 

Busy bees 🐝

As you can see - our Accelerators have been kept busy. Our Accelerators in Sweden joined the common kick-off for the whole Swedish market unit in their first week. And there have been local Accelerator kick-offs in all Market units and visits to our partners. 

Any experience that stood out so far?

kevinKevin: From a career perspective, I feel like I have really kickstarted my career. I have taken two certification exams from Microsoft: MB-330 and MB-920, shadowed a project with my mentor, and participated in global Accelerator sessions. When it comes to social activities, the annual Kickoff event, along with the Accelerator kickoff event, has been very enjoyable. Every event has been thoroughly planned. 

Josefin: We went to the Microsoft office here in Stockholm where we had a day full of interesting presentations. Super inspiring and fun to meet the people there, as Columbus is a close partner to Microsoft! 

Why Columbus Accelerator Program?

There are many programs for hungry talent out there – so why did our Accelerators choose Columbus? 🤔

Lina: I chose the Accelerator program for its robust and structured learning approach, providing a solid foundation in both academic knowledge and practical project experience through shadowing an employee. The presence of a dedicated mentor throughout the program was also a significant factor. Additionally, being part of a community of fellow newcomers facing similar challenges has been invaluable.

MicrosoftTeams-image (54)Josefin: Because it’s a very structured and great introduction to this industry and the role of a consultant. There is scheduled time for education in a very friendly environment and we are becoming comfortable in our role as consultants. Also, to get the opportunity to take all these great certificates from Microsoft.

Sofonias: I chose it because I wanted a trainee position where I could learn things from the ground up instead of being sent directly to customers without experience or expertise. The duration of the trainee program was a factor, as it's only six months. Most companies usually have trainee programs that last from one to two years. Additionally, it seemed like the office prioritized the team feeling, which is really important in my opinion.

Time for both individual work and teamwork (and fun!)

The program is packed with trainer-led sessions, joint activities, and individual work. As a consultant, your days will be filled with various tasks and you will learn how to plan and organize your days – from the very start of the program. 📚

What does the distribution look like between joint activities and what you do on your own? 

Kevin: The coordination of joint activities within the global Accelerator sessions, along with individual tasks such as Microsoft certifications and shadowing projects, in addition to other responsibilities, is also a challenging aspect of the program. My calendar is packed, and I try to plan, organize, and prioritize various work objectives that I consider most important. There is always something to do, which I find great! 

MicrosoftTeams-image (55)-2Sofonias: Fortunately, we have a good balance between individual work and group activities. We usually complete assigned tasks from projects on our own, but we have a look through them together to learn from each other. So, even during individual work, it's possible to discuss ideas to gain a better understanding. Our group activities are usually in the form of after-work events, which can take place in the office or at a restaurant, where we meet colleagues we don't typically work with.

The program aside, how do they experience Columbus?

The company culture and values are two important components that make employees stay and thrive in a workplace. We are of course curious about how they have experienced Columbus so far 👀

Lina: I have a positive impression of Columbus. The colleagues are very inclusive and helpful, and I find that Columbus as an organization genuinely cares about their employees.

Josefin: I see Columbus as a modern and friendly company that cares about its employees. You feel that you have all the tools to be able to develop yourself and that is very appreciated!

Sofonias: Overall, I think Columbus is a perfect choice for people who want a good balance between work and leisure. You get highly competent colleagues and mentors who will go the extra mile to ensure that you have excellent opportunities to learn. Moreover, it's a relaxed working environment where people care about each other and are very helpful to ensure that you become a part of the community.

Stay tuned! Next time we check in with our Accelerators, four months will have passed, and we hope to gather some insights into their experiences on their first customer projects 🤩

Are you interested in our Accelerator Programs? Check out our Global Career page to find open positions in your preferred location! 

Yes! Take me to the Global Career page so I can explore!

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