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Our People

Did you know that our colleagues are the core of our business? Our consultants are indeed the ones who engage with our customers to support, challenge and inspire them. 👍🏽

Keep reading to find out why we do what we do!

Over the last year, we did extensive work to define and refine who we are and what we stand for—the journey to determine 'why we do what we do' involved colleagues across the organization. As Simon Sinek says, you start with WHY! Our 'WHY' is 'Digital Transformation for a Better Tomorrow,' which means that we help customers in their digital transformation journey. We aim to work together with our customers to make sustainability a focus for their business and ours too. ♻️

Have you heard about the global sustainability goals? Most people have. We decided to choose five UN Sustainable Development Goals to drive digitalization and sustainability to create a better tomorrow. In short, we care about each other, our customers, and society. Not because it is essential for our business but because it is the right thing to do.

Could we be your ‘global family’?

You may have heard that a company’s culture defines the success of its people. So, how do we encourage an inclusive culture and take care of the aspirations of our people? We believe it has a lot to do with these key elements: Our Purpose (WHY), Our Values, Employee Value Proposition, and our Sustainability Goals.

These may only be words; however, like Frankenstein, we will make these words come alive for you.

Does this motivate you?

Our Employee Value Proposition is based on the H.E.A.R.T framework. And it is about what we offer you when you join us. The letters stand for; H, Help you grow, E, Empower you, A, Appreciate you, R, Respect you, and T, Team.

In this video, you will see our colleagues share why they work for Columbus! 


Our EVP captures the reason why people choose to work in Columbus! It also means that the 2000 plus people are at the heart of everything we do! Together, we work, grow, appreciate, respect, and empower each other. We celebrate diverse perspectives, encourage openness, and share knowledge and experiences globally.

What matters to you, matters to us too!

Very often, a ‘Modern Workplace’ equates to tools and technology for effective collaboration. But we think of this differently. For us, it is more about our people than tools and technology. It is about creating an ecosystem that champions collaboration, offers flexibility to work from anywhere to support work-life balance, and promotes diversity by allowing us to hire talent from across the globe.

We understand that your work, personal time, and wellbeing are fundamental to you, and it matters to us too! Our goal is to use these tools not only to make you more productive and engaged but also to be more balanced.


What makes us unique

Life at Columbus centres around our people. Creating a diverse, vibrant culture is always at the top of our minds. In this clip, colleagues share what's unique about Columbus in one word! 👇🏼


We continue to value diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities to all by embracing Sustainable Development Goal number 5, Gender Equality, and number 8, Decent Work Economic Growth. Furthermore, we also encourage high-quality work and consider these commitments essential for our success. In this video, women in Columbus share their career aspirations and what it means to be a part of Columbus.



Get to know us

Our Instagram conversations capture the everyday work and life routines and fun experiences of our people. 🙌

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