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Customer demands have changed and are continuing to change on a scale like never before. Although largely escalated due to the global pandemic, there’s also the fact millennials are now the leading B2B tech buyers, making up 60%. This shift has brought with it new expectations, as millennials have their own expectations in the buyer’s journey.

So, amongst all the change - how do you accelerate sales and stay agile to the changing consumer demands? That’s where Activate Digital Selling comes in.

Activate Digital Selling is an insights-based collaborative sales acceleration solution that applies artificial intelligence (AI) to customer interactions, marketing and sales data.


We’ve identified two key areas of focus within Activate Digital Selling:

  • AI-guided revenue acceleration
  • Confidently predict and manage your pipeline


1) AI-guided revenue acceleration

Using AI can facilitate an increase in both revenue and deal size. This is done through AI enabling you to close deals faster and creating stronger, longer lasting customer relationships.

In a world where millennials (now the most regular buyer) prefer to shop on their own, AI gives back more control to sellers through AI-guided insights such as:

  • Conversational intelligence – easily transcribe calls, analyse content, capture customer interactions and ultimately deliver intelligent insights
  • Sales accelerator – increase your sales team productivity and efficiency
  • Customer churn analysis – identify patterns in your existing data and improve your churn probability prediction
  • Customer segmentation – divide your customers into specific groups depending on selected characteristics
  • Journey orchestration – create personalised journeys for your customers via segment based or interaction-based marketing campaigns

These insights allow you to learn from customer history and suggest the next best action for them to take. You’re also able to determine which opportunity has the best chance of moving forward so they can prioritise their activities.

This information is available across one dashboard as opposed to having to switch between apps, meaning you can immediately see a detailed overview of your business in one quick glance. You can also get notified about deals which have stalled or are at risk, enabling them to act at the right time.

You can no longer rely on old, simple practices such as contacting a customer once a month or working off which customer has gone the longest without interaction. Don’t forget, the millennial buyer doesn’t want that.

So, sellers should use AI-guided data methods instead to increase closure rates. Additionally, this improves the overall customer experience as your customers are receiving the right interactions at the right time to help them along their journey.


2) Confidently predict and manage your pipeline

From the top to the bottom of the sales funnel, AI can also help you predict and manage your pipelines with confidence. A report by Gartner revealed that only six per cent – a surprisingly small number – of CSOs say they are confident about their teams ability to meet or exceed revenue goals.

Activate Digital Selling allows you to course correct your pipeline management along the way, meaning you can stop smaller issues developing into bigger ones. Some of the capabilities available with the sales play include:

  • Sales analytics automation
  • Sales reporting
  • Pipeline management
  • Predictive lead and opportunity scoring
  • Customer relationship insights
  • Revenue operations and intelligence

By using these capabilities, your teams will be able to use AI to analyse customer transaction history, predict revenue variations with more accuracy and focus on the key areas of concern. For example, a decline in sales qualified leads (SQLs) could show upcoming revenue challenges. That could be despite revenue being on track for the current quarter.

Insights like these allows your sales leaders to take proactive action to increase SQL activity, avoiding any revenue impact further down the line.

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So, what’s your next step?

Our Columbus Catalyst Value Workshop will help you learn more about understanding and defining your key business pain points. We’ll help you create new value and identify a clear end-to-end vision of your customer experience.

What do you get out of it?

  • A clear view and alignment on future business needs
  • A start-point for defining what you need to achieve in your transformation journey
  • A clear identification of the key elements needed to improve and differentiate your engagements and experiences with customers
  • And more!

For more information, download our interactive infographic below.

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