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Imagine all your business data stored in one place. It’s easy to access. It’s secure. With both Microsoft’s world-class traditional CRM system and their streamlined Customer Engagement Suite in the Cloud, you’ll be able to access and store data flawlessly, with the comfort of knowing that it’s all protected.

Here, we guide you through these systems and why you should consider installing them.

This SaaS system (which includes the cloud) is a complete package that allows you to keep all your services running across all infrastructure. Moreover, this infrastructure contains all the software, hardware, energy and more to give you the full disaster recovery (DR) capability.

This is a 99.9% operation that will run smoothly for you all year round. We guarantee you that an on-premise license and capability will be more than this Dynamics 365 Cloud capability. Below are the three systems you can purchase from us:

Cloud and CRM data storage customer engagement


  • Uses Dynamics 365
  • Gives you simple sign-in across all your commercial cloud services
  • Office 365 Portal and AD authentication give you access to your Dynamics 365 environment
  • No need to maintain on-premise servers or licenses

Cloud + edge

  • Dynamics 365 on-premise server software deployed on Azure laaS
  • Requires license mobility through SA
  • Customer licenses Azure VMs separately
  • Lifecycle services tools simplifies deployment
  • Requires Azure premium storage


  • Dynamic’s 365 server software deployed on customer’s own servers
  • Server license required
  • User or device Dynamics 365 CAL is also required

This is a cloud you can trust. Microsoft has created its own trusted cloud principles – security, privacy, compliance, transparency – which are here to give you peace of mind.

Just some of the benefits of this 365 Cloud include:

  • Mature scalable Cloud from Microsoft
  • Overall cost reduction compared to on-premise
  • Service approach, all updates completed by Microsoft
  • No need for premise servers

Cloud and CRM data storage Mircosoft

Microsoft has invested over £15 million in building its cloud system to ensure that you and your company have the best storage facilities for all your data. We believe this is the perfect solution for all your storage needs. Watch our webinar below where we discuss these options in further detail:

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