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If you can operate more cost-efficiently while boosting productivity, you’re on your way to field service success. Field service management software will help you do that by consolidating and simplifying business processes, improving visibility, facilitating cross-team collaboration and more…but you know that already.

You’re here to find the right software. Scroll on to discover how…

Features of top field service management software

Can it help you provide a proactive service?

What is good customer service

  • IoT sensors can remotely detect and fix issues before they become a problem or noticed by customers. This can help prevent service calls (unless absolutely necessary), saving you time and money and allowing you to focus on higher priority work
  • Data from IoT sensors can help you adopt a predictive maintenance model which, again, can help you prevent unnecessary service calls and optimise resource usage
  • If the software integrates with your ERP system, you can gain a complete view of your customers. This enables you to meet and exceed expectations
  • Certain manual activities can be automated (e.g. customer surveys being sent out after jobs and voice and text appointment reminders) which improves customer satisfaction and experience, and boosts your productivity

Can it help you schedule resources efficiently and intuitively?

  • A complete overview of your technicians and details such as their skills, availability and location can help managers better manage assignments
  • AI-enabled recommendations and automated scheduling can help managers send the right technician to the right task at the right time
  • Automated scheduling also brings the next job straight up after the one before has been completed or rearranges schedules based on the urgency of the tasks. This maximises your field service team’s productivity
  • Powerful reports help you monitor your resource allocation and technician productivity/efficiency. You can then use this knowledge to optimise work scheduling

Can it help you ensure a first-time fix?

the right field service management software

  • D365 Field Service is available in mobile app form so your technicians can access the service activity and information they need while on-site and offline.
  • The app also allows field technicians to manage their work orders and schedules remotely, whether it’s capturing and adding photos to the order, taking payment, ordering spare parts and more
  • The built-in resource hub allows technicians to access additional guidance, tips and instructions to get the job done
  • D365 Remote Assist allows your technicians to connect with their colleagues and other experts in real-time and together, they can conduct remote inspections

Is it within budget?

  • Cloud-based is often the best option because it’s scalable, can be used remotely and product updates are automatically deployed so you’ll always be on the latest version
  • Keep in mind that it’s not just the cost of the solution you must consider. There’s also the implementation and all the costs associated with that (e.g. training, customisations, if any additional software/hardware are required)
  • One debate you may have is whether to implement the system in-house or outsource to a consultancy. Here’s a handy resource on that topic

The right field service software enables you to provide the best customer experience possible

Top field service management software

When it comes to field service, your customers want:

  • Quick acknowledgement
  • Quick, efficient action
  • A first-time fix
  • If possible, the issue to be fixed without them realising

And your employees want:

  • To be assigned to the tasks that are best suited to them (i.e. matches their skillset)
  • To have a manageable workload
  • To request assistance as and when they need it
  • To access the information and tools they need to complete the work order

And you want:

  • Visibility over your technicians
  • Ability to easily match the technician to the task
  • Optimum productivity
  • Optimum cost efficiency
  • Optimum resource usage

Invest in the right field service tool and you can certainly achieve the above.

To read more about D365 Field Service and its role in enhancing your customer experience, download our solution factsheet below. You can read about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform in more depth.

How D365 Field Service can help


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